Senior Software Architect


B.S. Computer Science, Shahid Beheshty University


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B2B, B2C, SaaS, Cloud


Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Current Title: Senior Software Architect @ Leading Marketing Services & Software Provider, B2B / B2c.

Role: Hands on contributor.  Built, mentored and led agile development team. Conducted regular technical presentations for training development staff.

Project Highlights:

1. Led modernization project for existing line of products (B2B,B2C).  Message driven cloud based service oriented architecture (Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, Microsoft Azure Service Bus, WCF) utilizing cutting edge technology stacks as follows; Single page application (AngularJS) for client technology, & REST API, SOA middle tier and relational database.

2. Technical lead on public facing SaaS web application in Microsoft Stack (SQL, ASP.Net, MVC).  Practiced extreme programming(xp), TDD and Pair programming in multiple agile teams. Architected Restful API utilizing MVC 3.0, (setup routes, controllers and etc.) exposing Domain Models as resources for client applications. Utilized Aspects to handle Security, Logging and Exception Handling.  Delivered application features fully in TDD, including Functional, Integration, Unit and JavaScript tests. Applied Dependency Injection techniques, utilizing Structure Map. Implemented JavaScript clients using ExtJs framework (MVC). Applied Domain Driven Design patterns as well as unit tests to legacy code improving quality.  Optimized Continuous Integration process.

3. Technical lead on creating SOA services. Identified core functionalities of an existing ASP .Net application. Architected services for SOA (multiple layers and 3-tier). Created a WCF service solution template with consideration of SOA best practices. Applied best practices and SOA principles in implementation of WCF services using C#. Practiced TDD and Agile methodology. Utilized Architecture validation projects (Modeling project) in Visual Studio 2010. Integrated core WCF services into existing application

4. Designed and implemented various Web Application projects in areas of Talent Management Employee Compensation, Career Planning and Social Networking. Maintained an existing Talent Management/HR automation Software as a Service (SaaS) 3-tier web application. Created MS SQL (2005/2008) database tables stored procedures, business and data access classes along with web services in ASP .NET 3.5/2.0 framework C#  3.0.

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